So I haven't been blogging lately because I've been a bit under the weather lately.  My husband had recently come down with a virus and I believe that he passed it on to me.  I thought that it was just my allergies that were acting up because my throat was dry and itchy and my sinuses were bothering me.  I think it started out like that and then
slowly developed into what I have going on now.  I didn't have any major congestion but I did have a runny nose.  I started doing nasal flushes with the netti pot and I've been trying to push as many fluids as I can!  Funny thing is, I'm not full-blown sick but I'm also not well.  Besides from my throat being really sore and dry, some light pressure in my sinuses, a headache, and some ringing in my ears, I'm
actually ok.  I'm not terrible but I'm not well and I think that's because my body is really trying to fight it off.  I haven't really had an appetite but I've been forcing myself to eat.  I've been eating huge salads, veggie sandwiches with hummus, soup, and all other kinds of nutrient-dense food.  I have also been juicing a lot too.  I need to get over this fast!

I stopped in at the pulmonologist today because my asthma has been acting up along with my allergies.  I was prescribed some Singulair tablets.  This is supposed
to help with asthma and allergies.  I'm hoping that maybe the tablets will help my body fight off this virus sooner rather than later because I can't be sick for my surgery!  I've got two weeks to get better!  I always seem to take a little bit longer to get over things than other people and I believe that it's because of my asthma.  Although, this is the first time that I've been sick being a vegan so we'll see how this goes!

Don't worry...I've got recipe reviews and some more of my own recipes on the way!  I'm just trying to take it easy!

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