So it's 19 days since my A.C.I. surgery and I've been doing great!  I've
really been healing well and I believe that my vegan diet is the reason
why!  It's been extremely difficult to keep up with blogging and posting lately because for 10-12 hour per day I'm stuck in a CPM machine which I have to alternate with my cold therapy machine every few hours for 30 minutes.  I also have a DVT machine that gently squeezes my left calf to prevent blood clots and I'm hooked up to that all day and all night.  My husband and I currently have everything set up on the first floor for me because I am unable to go up or down flights of stairs just yet.  I can do a couple of stairs but not any more than that.  So every night before we go to bed and every morning before my husband leaves for work, he has to move the cold therapy and DVT machine from the couch to the bed or the bed to the couch.  Fortunately, we have room for our bed to be on our first level although our dining room table got kicked out for the time being!  The problem is that the computer is set up where our bed is and the CPM machine and the cold
therapy/DVT machine is set up by the couch.  I wish I could move the computer to our coffee table but it's just not a convenient spot.  We already have so many cords and wires from all of my machines.  So...that's why I haven't been blogging lately.  It's just not convenient for my knee!

This is my set up for most of the day.  That lovely brace is what I have to keep on at all times except when I'm using the CPM machine.  Next week I can finally sleep without the brace!  I can't wait!!!!  For the first week and a half I had my Aunt helping me out during the day but then once I became more comfortable with my crutches and getting around the house I sought
my independence.  I hate to ask for things and have people do things for me so this has been quite challenging.  I wish that I could cook, clean, and do laundry to help out but it's next to impossible with the crutches.  Sometimes I can help my husband with the prep for dinner but that's about it and most of the time he won't allow me to help.  Bless his compassionate heart!  My husband has the most patience out of anyone I know!  

So, all meals have been really simple!  Lately we've been doing spaghetti with the Trader Joe's meatless meatballs, we tried a creamy avocado pasta which was pretty amazing (
http://greatist.com/team/my-creamy-avocado-pasta), vegan veggie burgers, Noodles & Company, and vegan sushi.  For lunch I've been keeping it really simple as I can't be on my feet for long.  I've been doing a lot of salads with the Roundy's Vidalia Onion dressing!  Yummy!!!!  I've also come to love vegan lunch meat and I've
been making a lot of sandwiches as well.  I keep my sandwiches plain with just veganaise, Dijon mustard, and a couple of pickle slices.  It's been hard to eat lately because I've really lost my appetite and I believe that's because I'm not active.  I have been doing physical therapy twice a week and that seems to wear me out, although it isn't strenuous work or anything.  I get tired pretty quick!  So every time I eat I feel like I'm just forcing it down.  I hate that feeling but obviously I'm not going to let my body starve!  We have still be juicing although we aren't doing
it as often as before.  It just hasn't been the mos convenient lately but when my husband does juice he has been doing them in larger batches and puts them in canning jars to maintain the freshness.

I have a long road to recovery!  I will try to keep up with blogging as much as possible.  I just ask for you to bear with me because it's not the most convenient time.  Thank you for being so patient!

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Ok, so I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still alive and kicking!  I haven't had any time to blog lately because my husband and I just moved into our new house!  So, it's been really crazy lately with all of the packing, moving, unpacking, cleaning, and preparing for my surgery! 
I've got 4 more days before my surgery!  Even though I haven't had enough time to blog, I haven't stopped thinking about it.  Once I get the chance I'd like to share some tips about eating on the go and eating out fast-food
style.  There are vegan options for fast-food!  

It may be a week or so before I start catching up and it will all depend on how my pain is but don't worry...I'll be back!

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