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I give this soup 5 stars!  This soup was so delicious and it really hit the spot!  This recipe is from Erica at
Coffee & Quinoa and I found this recipe on Pinterest.  Both my husband and I devoured our
bowls of soup pretty quickly!  There's a lot to love about this recipe!  The broth itself is slightly sweet, a tad bit sour, a hint of spicy, and extremely savory!  All of the ingredients blended together nicely and they complimented each other.  My husband has been sick lately with an upper respiratory virus so I was looking to serve up a nutrient-dense dinner to help cure him and to help me fight it off!  I absolutely can not get sick because I have knee surgery coming up in less than 3 weeks!  I paired this recipe with a 5-Step Kale Salad to make this a more
nutrient-dense, packed full of antioxidants, I'm going to kick this sickness in the butt type of dinner (
check out my review on the 5-Step Kale Salad here)!

What I Did Differently

I didn't make any alterations to this recipe!

Overall Thoughts

I will be making this recipe again and not for just when we're sick!  The only thing that I would change about this recipe is adding more broth because it's so delicious!  Also,  if you're not such a huge tofu fan you could easily take out the tofu and replace it with edamame!  I think that would be a great change!  FYI...the sriracha sauce is amazing in this soup!  I made little dots of the sauce all around my soup and I then mixed it in with my chop sticks...oh my, such a little bit of heaven and it really helps to clear the sinuses but be careful because that stuff is potent!

Also, instead of separating the veggies and noodles for leftovers, as the recipe suggested, I just threw it all in!  I thought the leftovers were still amazing!  Yes, the noodles and veggies were a bit softer but it was still really

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