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Wow!  This dish was just absolutely amazing!  I found this recipe on Pinterest and it's from MyRecipes.com.  I was really surprised with the amount of flavor in this dish and both my Husband and I polished it off!  This dish was so easy to make and it was great for the hot summer night that we were having!  All of the flavors in this dish were complimentary and a perfect combination!  This dish is bound to ''Wow" you!

What I Did Differently:

I used kalamata olives because I couldn't find the kind listed in the recipe.

I let all of the ingredients EXCEPT for the pasta marinate for awhile.  My husband and I were doing some yard work and I figured that if I prepared everything but the pasta and let it marinate while we worked in the yard for about an hour that it wouldn't hurt!  It turned out AMAZING!

Overall Thoughts:

This is a recipe that I will HAVE to make again.  Actually, my husband asked if I could make it again tonight!  So, that's how good it is!  If you have the time I would let the ingredients marinate at room temperature for at least a half hour.

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