Sometimes, we just don't have time for breakfast!  So, what are some good
vegan options to grab and go?  Well, I'm a juicer and I typically juice about 4-5 days out of the week.  I juice in the afternoon when I have the most time.  I make enough juice for both my husband and I to have a glass right away and then I pour the remaining juice into two separate canning jars for the morning.

We just have a basic Hamilton Beach wide-mouth juicer.  We wanted to start out with something like this to see
if we would like juicing and if we were going to stick with it.  Start small, go big.  If we keep up with juicing then I would love to get a Breville...they are the KING of juicers and offer multiple speeds, produce less waste, and more juice!  I'll do a post on what I typically juice later.

So, in the morning when I'm running late (almost every day) I grab my juice and a handful of raw almonds, and I run out the door!  It's enough to hold me over until my mid-morning snack or lunch but keep in mind that I typically drink a 16 oz. juice.

I usually always have a juice in the morning because I feel like it gives me that extra kick in the morning to get going for the day!  If I have a few extra minutes, I'll pop a bagel in the toaster while I'm finishing up my make-up and by the time I'm done, so is the bagel.  I just spread a bit of vegan cream cheese on one side, put the slices together and eat it like a sandwich on my way to work.  Another option would be spreading some peanut butter on a piece of vegan bread and then folding it up and go!

You should feel satisfied with the juice & nuts combo and the juice & peanut butter bread combo.  The bagel alone can fill you up but maybe grab a fruit (like an apple or banana) for a more well-balanced meal.  I always like to do some type of protein in the morning because I feel like it keeps me fuller longer.

Please share if you have any other quick & on the go breakfast ideas!

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