Are you looking for a restaurant that serves up some awesome vegan and/or vegetarian food in the Milwaukee area?  I've got the place for you!  You MUST check out Café Manna in Brookfield!  They have absolutely AMAZING food!  I was so impressed with their menu because they offered such a great variety of choices.  They offer vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, and raw choices (yep, no meat)!  I couldn't hide my excitement and my husband couldn't help but to chuckle to himself a bit!  He was probably thinking, "What kind of place did my wife bring me to now?"  Eh, he knows me...I'm always full of surprises!

This cute little café is Wisconsin's first certified green restaurant!  They use local ingredients as much as possible and the ingredients are either grown organically or by using sustainable farming practices.  I feel that the food is decently priced taking into consideration the quality of the ingredients.  The portions are pretty generous.  The food is amazing.  The service is great. What more could you ask for?
They started us out with a free cashew hummus platter.  I apologize for the terribly blurry photo.  My camera lens on my phone was dirty!  We've never had a cashew hummus before and we both agreed that it tasted great!  It was slightly sweet and it wasn't heavily seasoned.  I think it was the perfect way to start out! 

Argh, time to clean that camera lens!  We ordered a cup of the watermelon gazpacho soup and it was absolutely delicious and a perfect refresher for the hot summer day because it was served cold!  Don't worry, I finally figured out that it was my lens that was dirty and not my picture taking skills.

Ta da!  What a world of a difference that a clean lens makes!  This dish is the Vegan Pad Thai.  It also comes vegetarian if you wish.  This came with a side of hot chili sauce.  Oh. My. Goodness. This dish was absolutely amazing!!!  It's actually the BEST Vegan Pad Thai that I've had yet!  I was absolutely in-love and it was hard not to eat the whole dish but I was saving room for dessert!
This is what my husband ordered!  It's the Raw Lasagna and it's also vegan!  Props to my hubby for ordering this awesome nutritious dish!  This dish had a huge "WOW" factor.  It was just absolutely amazing and it pretty much left me speechless as to how good it tasted.  I think I could eat this every day and not get sick of it!
Doesn't this picture just make you stop to drool?  It looks just as great as it tastes!  This is the Raw Cheesecake which is also vegan.  The flavors vary per the Chef and the flavor that day happened to be Chocolate Cherry.  I think my heart stopped when our waitress said that because chocolate and cherries are two of my favorite things!  We ordered one slice per each of us...if I would've known how generous their slices were then I would've ordered one and shared!  However, I didn't have any trouble finishing it off!  This cheesecake was absolutely delicious!  I was very impressed with the texture of it; very smooth and very much like a regular cheesecake but not quite as dense, which I think is even better!  Ha!  Take that dairy have been conquered by something better and it's not full of animal products!  Ok, I'll compose my excitement now.  Seriously, you need to try this so save room for dessert!

Overall, our service was great!  I really liked our waitress because she was extremely informative, passionate about the restaurant and the food, and was very attentive.  We really had a great time and we will definitely be going back again!  I highly recommend this restaurant to any vegans and/or vegetarians out there as well as the meat eaters because I believe that you won't be missing your meat if you know what good food is all about!
This is my go to guide for eating out and still keeping to my vegan diet!  There are plenty of places is our area that offer vegan selections or can make vegan accommodations.  I'm pretty sure that there are more places than what is on this list.  It's pretty hard to keep up with more places that are
accommodating to the needs of vegans! husband and I have already checked out Kyoto and Fujiyama for vegan sushi (amaaaaazing!),   Classic Slice for pizza (soy cheese please!), EE Sane for some awesome Thai food, and of course I had to feed my sweet tooth and
check out Babe's Ice Cream in Bay View for their vegan selections!

Sushi, hand down, is always good!  Fujiyama and Kyoto offer vegan sushi under the "vegetarian" section of the menu.

I absolutely LOVE Classic Slice Pizza because they have several vegan pizzas to choose from.  The Mediterranean
is our favorite and the soy stix are out of this world!

EE Sane has never been a disappointment when we have gone!  They are knowledgeable on vegan selections and can substitute the meat for tofu.

Oh, Babe's Ice Cream...thank goodness for you!  Who doesn't love to grab an ice cream cone every once in awhile?  The best part is that not only do they offer vegan
ice cream; they also offer vegan ice cream sandwiches, and vegan ice cream cakes.  Ok, time to lift your dropped jaw from the floor and wipe that drool off of your face! 

If you know of any other restaurants that offer vegan options please do share!  I will also update if I find more on
my own as well.

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So, as most of you know my husband and I moved into our brand new house that we built on April 30 and this big event was followed by my major knee surgery on May 6.  We were without a fridge and a stove for several days (we did have a mini fridge with some items in it) because they were backed up for delivery and we had to get creative and think outside of the box for our meals.  So it came down to vegan fast-food, microwave convenience food, and a lot of salads!  

These were the fast-food places I went to:

McDonald's: I had a side salad with the balsamic vinaigrette dressing and unsweetened iced tea when I went here.
Fazoli's:  All of there noodles are vegan!  I ordered their fettuccini and topped it off with their marinara sauce and steamed broccoli.  If you get the breadsticks make sure to order them without the garlic butter on top.

Culver's:  I ordered the garden fresca salad without cheese and with the raspberry vinaigrette dressing.  

Kyoto:  Vegetarian sushi and veggie tempura.

Fujiama:  Any of their vegetarian sushi and veggie tempura.

Convenience Foods:
Trader Joe's veggie wrap sandwich (it's pre-made and in the refrigerated section)

Trader Joe's Japanese fried rice (made on the stove-top)

Trader Joe's Quinoa and Veggie mixture (microwave)

Trader Joe's Kimchi Fried Rice (microwave)

Trader Joe's Vegan Veggie Burgers (you're supposed to cook these on the stove but I microwaved ours until our stove came).

Amy's microwavable meals.  Their not all vegan but there are a lot of vegan options.  I had a Thai curry dish and veggies with brown rice.  Both were satisfying.

Van's Blueberry Waffles:  These are absolutely amazing!  I topped mine off with maple syrup and earth balance butter (yes, it's vegan!).

Other foods that I had on hand were nuts, peanut butter, vegan bread, cereal, vegan granola bars, and fruits.  It was actually a lot easier to find convenient vegan foods than I thought!  I used Google search and PETA to help me out with some of my vegan fast-food choices. 

So, if you're in a crunch or need something to eat on the go, there are always vegan options available!  You may have to
do a little research, download a vegan eating out app, and be a little creative but you will always be able to find something available!  I hope this helps!

This is the Trader Joe's Japanese Fried Rice.  This stuff is so good!!!  I serve this on top of a bed of kale that is steamed in
a mushroom broth.

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