So, as most of you know my husband and I moved into our brand new house that we built on April 30 and this big event was followed by my major knee surgery on May 6.  We were without a fridge and a stove for several days (we did have a mini fridge with some items in it) because they were backed up for delivery and we had to get creative and think outside of the box for our meals.  So it came down to vegan fast-food, microwave convenience food, and a lot of salads!  

These were the fast-food places I went to:

McDonald's: I had a side salad with the balsamic vinaigrette dressing and unsweetened iced tea when I went here.
Fazoli's:  All of there noodles are vegan!  I ordered their fettuccini and topped it off with their marinara sauce and steamed broccoli.  If you get the breadsticks make sure to order them without the garlic butter on top.

Culver's:  I ordered the garden fresca salad without cheese and with the raspberry vinaigrette dressing.  

Kyoto:  Vegetarian sushi and veggie tempura.

Fujiama:  Any of their vegetarian sushi and veggie tempura.

Convenience Foods:
Trader Joe's veggie wrap sandwich (it's pre-made and in the refrigerated section)

Trader Joe's Japanese fried rice (made on the stove-top)

Trader Joe's Quinoa and Veggie mixture (microwave)

Trader Joe's Kimchi Fried Rice (microwave)

Trader Joe's Vegan Veggie Burgers (you're supposed to cook these on the stove but I microwaved ours until our stove came).

Amy's microwavable meals.  Their not all vegan but there are a lot of vegan options.  I had a Thai curry dish and veggies with brown rice.  Both were satisfying.

Van's Blueberry Waffles:  These are absolutely amazing!  I topped mine off with maple syrup and earth balance butter (yes, it's vegan!).

Other foods that I had on hand were nuts, peanut butter, vegan bread, cereal, vegan granola bars, and fruits.  It was actually a lot easier to find convenient vegan foods than I thought!  I used Google search and PETA to help me out with some of my vegan fast-food choices. 

So, if you're in a crunch or need something to eat on the go, there are always vegan options available!  You may have to
do a little research, download a vegan eating out app, and be a little creative but you will always be able to find something available!  I hope this helps!

This is the Trader Joe's Japanese Fried Rice.  This stuff is so good!!!  I serve this on top of a bed of kale that is steamed in
a mushroom broth.

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