I came across an article this morning that addressed the issue on how most forms of vitamin B-12 are bound the toxic molecule cyanide.  It's most commonly known as cyanocobalamin.  It is the cheapest form of vitamin B-12. 

Cyanide is a well-known toxin, although they say it's only a small amount consumed by our bodies, who wants to consume poison every day?  Sometimes we think we are helping ourselves when in all reality we could be doing more harm than good.  Our bodies have to first break down the cyanide molecule in our liver before absorbing this form of vitamin B-12 which results in our bodies expending more energy to digest this substance.

Don't worry!!!!  There is a form of vitamin B-12 that doesn't contain cyanide and it is known as methylcobalamin.  It is the most reduced form of vitamin B-12 that is easily absorbed and retained by our bodies.

Make sure to check your B-12 supplement and your multi-vitamin as well!

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