I've found that I crave the most sugary indulgences when I'm really stressed out.  Doesn't everybody?  Actually, I have a tendency to crave sweets most of the time.  I always have room for dessert; it's a bad habit of mine.  Well, my wonderful big Sister, whom I swear is a real genius when it comes to food, had turned me on to a miracle that cures my T-Rex of a sweet tooth.  I bet you'd never guess...Medjool Dates!!!!  Yep, that's right!  You know, whenever I think of dates I think of them as a food my
grandparents would probably eat to help them out in the oval office...ahem...the bathroom!  I wanted to put it in a nice way but I wasn't sure if you would understand what I meant.  These dates are ridiculously good and yes, they can offer some help in the oval office as they are high in fiber but I've never had any trouble with them.  Don't worry; they aren't like prunes where they act as a laxative.  I would think you would have to eat a lot of these dates to cause some chaos but good luck!  I can usually only eat 3-4
of these dates at a time because they are so filling!  What!?!?!  A sweet that offers its own portion control!?!?!?  My Sister is a genius!  The Medjool Dates taste like candy.  They have a wrinkled skin on the outside but the inside is gooey, chewy, and packed full of flavor!  These dates are pretty big in size too and don't let looks deceive you because these babies are divine!  I was able to find them at
Trader Joe's in the refrigerated produce section and at Whole food among the fresh fruits.  The ones at Trader Joe's were decently priced around $4.99 per carton (probably a little over a pound or so) and the dates at Whole Foods were priced at $6.99 per pound but their dates are certified organic and just a little larger in size.  Ever since I've been eating these to cure my sweet tooth, I've found that I'm actually craving fewer sweets.  It may also be because I'm not eating so many sweet therefore, my body stopped craving them.  Whatever it is, I still have my Medjool Dates in my fridge ready for when my sweet tooth hits!

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