This is my go to guide for eating out and still keeping to my vegan diet!  There are plenty of places is our area that offer vegan selections or can make vegan accommodations.  I'm pretty sure that there are more places than what is on this list.  It's pretty hard to keep up with more places that are
accommodating to the needs of vegans! husband and I have already checked out Kyoto and Fujiyama for vegan sushi (amaaaaazing!),   Classic Slice for pizza (soy cheese please!), EE Sane for some awesome Thai food, and of course I had to feed my sweet tooth and
check out Babe's Ice Cream in Bay View for their vegan selections!

Sushi, hand down, is always good!  Fujiyama and Kyoto offer vegan sushi under the "vegetarian" section of the menu.

I absolutely LOVE Classic Slice Pizza because they have several vegan pizzas to choose from.  The Mediterranean
is our favorite and the soy stix are out of this world!

EE Sane has never been a disappointment when we have gone!  They are knowledgeable on vegan selections and can substitute the meat for tofu.

Oh, Babe's Ice Cream...thank goodness for you!  Who doesn't love to grab an ice cream cone every once in awhile?  The best part is that not only do they offer vegan
ice cream; they also offer vegan ice cream sandwiches, and vegan ice cream cakes.  Ok, time to lift your dropped jaw from the floor and wipe that drool off of your face! 

If you know of any other restaurants that offer vegan options please do share!  I will also update if I find more on
my own as well.

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