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Oh my, oh my, what an awesome pie!  This gets 5 big stars!  I found this recipe on the Chocolate Covered Katie Blog.  I made this pie for my husband's birthday yesterday (please don't mind the birthday candle in the picture) and it was a huge hit that it even fooled my non-vegan parents!  This pie is just plain good and the real catch is that it's actually a healthy dessert!  Katie is my new savior for helping me to cure my sweet tooth but staying on track to eating healthy!  Thank goodness for people like her!  If you haven't heard of her blog then I advice you that you must check it out and give her recipes a try if you love your sweets but don't want extra weight in your caboose!  Anyways, the filling of this pie is made out of a surprising ingredient...cashews!  The freaky thing is that you can't even tell!  She does list other nut options in her recipe but seeing as how I had raw cashews on hand I just used what I had.  If you're looking for a crowd pleasing pie that's bound to fool even non-vegans and cure your sweet tooth then this is the pie for you!

What I did Differently:

I just embellished the top of the pie with Oreo cookie halves to jazz it up a bit.

Katie offers different options to sweeten the pie with and I chose maple syrup.

Overall Thoughts:

I will be making this pie again!  It was so easy and simple to make and it used regular ingredients that I typically have in my pantry!  Everyone LOVED this pie!  It was a great birthday treat for my husband!
7/5/2013 07:04:16

Looks great! Did you use real Oreo cookies or Katie's healthy Oreo version? And which crust did you choose in the end?

7/5/2013 08:50:07

Thanks! I ended using the real Oreo cookies because I was in a bit of a time crunch and I did the chocolate crust with this. It was my first time using dates in a recipe and I was really surprised in how great it tasted and how well it held the crust together!


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