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This recipe gets 5 stars from me!  This salad is packed full of so many vitamins and nutrients, it's healthy, and it tastes AMAZING!  This recipe is from Heather Nicholds at 
Healthy Eating Starts Here  Like I've mentioned before, this woman is amazing!  The only processed food in this recipe is the oil and it's optional!  This is the pure definition of eating whole foods!  My husband really loves this dish too!

It does have a bit of prep work but believe me; it is totally worth your time!  If you're not too quick on chopping veggies then I would recommend chopping some of the
vegetables first (like the onion, green beans, and red pepper) first.  
Things I Did Differently:
I really didn't do much because the recipe is perfect just as it is.  I used a orange bell pepper because that was what I had on hand.  I'm sure you could even use a yellow bell
pepper too.  I'm not really crazy about green bell peppers but heck, I'm sure you could use that instead as well. 

I had a ginormous red onion on hand so I only used half of it and was perfect!

I didn't have the sacha inchi oil so I just used olive oil.

Lastly, I added just a pinch of salt on top to bring the flavors out but it's not a necessity; it just adds a bit more

 Overall Thoughts:
I LOVE this dish and I will definitely be making this one again!  Thank you Heather for your AMAZING recipe!

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