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I give this recipe 4 stars!  This recipe is from Kathy at
Healthy. Happy. Life. and I found it on Pinterest.  This salad is packed full of nutrients and antioxidants!  I absolutely loved the sweet and savory flavor of the salad dressing!  This is the first
raw kale salad that I have tried.  My husband didn't care for it too much because the texture of the kale was too chewy for him and I have to agree.  Although the recipe doesn't specify which type of kale to use for this salad I
think that dinosaur kale would work best for this recipe.  Unfortunately, my grocery store only had the curly kale available and it was too chewy for a raw kale salad!  I was hesitant in using the curly kale because I was weary on the chewy texture but I thought that I would be able to fix this by letting it marinate longer.  The recipe called for a
minimum of 1 hour and I let my salad marinate for 6 hours and it didn't help with the texture.  My husband and I were both missing the crunch and crispness of a salad.  I served this salad with an Asian Noodle Soup that is supposed to help fight a cold (
check out my review on the Asian Noodle
).  I loved the combination of these two dishes!  I
was looking for a nutrient-dense dinner to serve because my husband has been sick with an upper respiratory virus and I'm trying to fight it off!
What I Did Different
I added in some yellow bell pepper because I had some on hand and I let my salad marinate for 6 hours versus the one hour minimum.  I like my salads with enough dressing
to cover everything so I doubled the dressing, as suggested.

Overall Thoughts
I believe that I will be making this again but next time I will use dinosaur kale!  I think I will also add in some romaine lettuce to make it a more crisp salad!  Although, I would probably add the romaine lettuce just before serving so it
won't get soggy, and then toss it well to coat.  I would love to use this dressing on other salads because it's so good!

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