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This recipe only gets 3 stars because these looked a lot better than they tasted!  I found this recipe on
Pinterest.  Both my husband and I were really disappointed in this recipe.  These boasted no added sugar, no flour, no dairy, no eggs, no butter, and no oil.  I was really excited when I first saw this recipe and I loved how it used a banana to bind all of the ingredients together.  However, these were extremely lacking in taste and it reminded me of chewing on cardboard.  I just
couldn't get over the texture.  The recipe does have
hings I Did Differently
There were only a two changes that I did to this recipe and I believe one of these affected the overall taste.  However, this doesn't change the texture issue.  The recipe called for one packet of Truvia.  I do not use ANY fake sweeteners; natural or not.  For me it's a personal issue.  I don't believe it to be natural if a sugar doesn't contain sugar.  Also, I can't stand the after-taste it leaves in my mouth.  The recipe does state that you can use a sweetener of your choice but it doesn't state what options you could use and how much.  I opted to us Agave nectar instead of the Truvia.  I ended up drizzling this on top of the granola bars.  However, I believe that not using the Truvia affected the taste.

The second change I did was using sweetened coconut flakes.  I used these because I knew I was using Truvia
and I figured that by using this along with the Agave nectar that it would help to make up for this.

Also, the recipe doesn't state what the thickness should be when pressing down the mixture on the cookie sheet.  I eyed it up from the pictures and I guessed a 1/8".  Even in
doing so, I had to bake these a lot longer than the time that was listed.  I baked mine for an extra 15 minutes and I think they still could have gone for a couple more minutes.  The recipe stated that one batch makes 8 bars and I had more than that.  That being said, the thickness should have
been greater but then in doing so then the required baking time should be a lot longer.

 Overall Thoughts
I understand the whole concept of "no added sugar" but I don't think it should be omitted if it makes the recipe really lack in flavor.  To me, it's not worth it and I would gladly take the bit of extra sugar for a tasty treat.

I'm not sure if I would make this recipe again or not because it needs a lot of adjustments.  If I were to just add
some sugar; it's not going to solve the texture issue.  If the texture doesn't bother you and you want to opt for not adding Truvia then I would suggest the following:

* I would add the chocolate chips into the batter itself because I think this would makeup for the lack of flavor.

*  After pressing the mixture down and shaping it I would brush it with a light coating of Agave nectar.

I think in doing these simple steps that it could liven up the recipe a bit!

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