So Sunday afternoon my husband and I got back from grocery shopping and we were a bit hungry. I wanted to make something quick and I had a huge juicy tomato calling my name!  So, I decided to make a sandwich but I wanted to make something that was a bit more fancy...something that you would expect at a little café or casual restaurant.  My husband has always liked the Tomato & Mozzarella Panini from Starbuck's.  I wanted to do something similar to this but with a bit of a twist and make it vegan, of course!  So, I set out to make one heck of a Tomato Basil Café Sandwich!  I think this was a huge success because my husband was saying the other night that he wanted me to make more of these sandwiches!  This recipe makes 2.


2 Vegan French Baquette rolls (I found mine at the local grocery store, Pick N' Save)
Olive oil
4 large tomato slices
1/3 chopped basil
4 slices of Follow Your Heart Vegan Gourmet Mozzarella
2 tbs. Veganaise
Salt & pepper to taste

How To:

Turn on the broiler.  Slice the rolls in half length-wise without cutting all the way through the other end (like a hot dog bun).  Place the rolls on a cookie sheet.  Brush the inside of the rolls with olive oil or use an olive oil pump sprayer to coat (I used the sprayer so I'm not sure how much you would use if you brush the inside but the goal is to get a light coating of oil).  Place 2 tomato slices on the bottom half of each bun & place a slice of mozzarella on each tomato slice.

In a small bowl combine the basil with enough olive oil to make a sauce (about 2 tbs.).  Evenly divide the sauce and drizzle on top of the tomatoes & mozzarella.  Season with salt & pepper to taste.

Place under the broiler and cook until cheese is bubbly and melted (about 5 minutes).  Remove from the oven.  Now that the cheese is soft you can spread it a bit more on
the tomatoes if you like !  Spread the top half of each bun with a tablespoon of veganaise.  Enjoy!

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