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I won't lie...I've been missing a Caesar Salad ever since I went vegan.  I used to make the BEST Caesar Salads from scratch but they always contained animal products like egg yolk, anchovy paste, non-vegan Worcestershire (contains anchovies), and parmesan cheese.  I was baffled on how to recreate the dressing and make it taste the same until I came across this recipe on Pinterest!  This recipe is from Steph at the Whole Food Lab blog.  This recipe is a 5 star winner!  I was so impressed with how it tasted almost exactly like the Caesar Salad dressing that I used to make!  I did some add ins to make it more similar and I think it turned out perfectly!  I served up a big plate of this with some leftover Fettuccini Alfredo.  This salad was perfect!  Usually I make homemade croutons but I've just been so busy this last week with an irregular working schedule so I opted to get some vegan sesame salad nuggets.  I think next time I'll make my own croutons though!  Either way, this salad really satisfied my cravings!

What I Did Differently:

I thought this recipe was missing 2 ingredients...nutritional yeast & pepper.  I added in a heaping tablespoon of nutritional yeast to simulate the taste of parmesan cheese and to give a vitamin B-12 kick.  I tossed the romaine lettuce with the dressing and then I added a lot of fresh cracked pepper on top and then tossed it in.  It turned out perfect!

Overall Thoughts:

I thought this recipe was a really interesting combination of ingredients!  I would have never thought of putting all these together for a Caesar Salad Dressing!  What a genius Steph is!  This will be my go to recipe for Caesar Salad from now on!  Thank you Steph!
8/30/2013 21:07:49

It is amazing how little my vegan friends say they miss "regular" food. I think we assume that since it's healthier, it is also gross. I will try this salad and see...


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