I was so excited when I went out to the mailbox today to find that my supplement arrived!  It's the vegan form of Omega-3.  So far, I have been liking my other supplements from Deva.  The capsules for this supplement remind me of vitamin E and fish oil capsules.  They are a yellowish opaque color and are filled with an oil type substance.  They have a very slight fishy odor (from the algae).  This form of vegan DHA-EPA is derived from a microalgae that is manufactured in a facility.  Don't worry...They grow it DRINKABLE water!  The recommended dosage is 1-2 capsules daily which sure beats the heck out of the fish oil I was taking!  The fish oil that I was taking during my transition into veganism recommended to take 1-2 capsules up to 3 times per day.  Yeah, um...no thank you!  I felt like I was up to my ears in vitamins!  I like to just take my vitamins all at one time if I can.  It's all about the convenience sometimes! 

That's what the capsules look like.  I ordered them off of Amazon because they had really good pricing.  Although, you can also order directly form Deva.  They go for around $20 for 90 capsules.  It's a very competitive price compared to even the non-vegan DHA-EPA capsules.  I know the fish oil capsules that I was taking previously went for around the same price for the same amount of capsules but the dosage was more; just to give you a perspective.

Let me know if you like any other vegan forms of DHA-EPA that are comparable!

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