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This recipe gets 5 big whopping stars from both me and my husband!  I found this recipe on Pinterest.  This recipe is a guest submission by Alice from the Savory Sweet Life blog which was featured on the Herbavoracious blog.  This dish was easy to make, completely satisfying, tasted great, and it really hit the spot for a fulfilling meal!  It's also vegan so I didn't have to substitute any of the ingredients!

What I Did Differently:

I couldn't find the potato starch cellophane noodles but I didn't look farther than Pick N' Save because I'm still on my crutches and getting around isn't quite as easy.  I used rice stick noodles because they were the closest choice that resembled what was pictured.
These noodles worked perfectly so if you can't find the other kind you can use these as an alternative.  The noodles came in 3 bunches and I used 2.  I followed the package instructions and I covered the noodles with hot water and let it sit for 10 minutes.  They were perfect!  I believe I ended up with a little more noodles than the recipe called for but I figured that one bunch would be too little.  However, I would still do two bunches and up the amount of some of the veggies because this dish will go fast!

I used low-sodium soy sauce.

I added a bit more spinach because I love my greens!

I used a package of pre-sliced shiitake mushrooms because it was all that the grocery store had.  It was probably double the amount but we love our mushrooms!

I used an orange bell pepper because the red bell peppers didn't look as fresh as the orange bell peppers at the grocery store.

I taste-tested the finished product before serving it and I decided to sprinkle a little bit of rice vinegar on top and tossed it in so it was evenly distributed.  I did this because I didn't want it quite as sweet as it was and I figured that the rice vinegar would compliment the flavors.  I also chose rice vinegar because it's a very mellow vinegar.  It turned out perfect!

I also added a little more soy sauce.  I believe I had to do this because I had a bit more noodles than what the recipe called for.  I probably added about 1-2 more tablespoons.

I served this dish with some spicy Sriracha sauce and it really brought the flavors of this dish!

Overall Thoughts:

I will definitely be making this recipe again!  If using the alternative noodles I would double the tofu, spinach, pepper, mushrooms, green onions and carrots.  If you use the noodles that the recipe calls for then I would use the whole block of tofu because both my husband and I thought it could use more.  If you don't like yours quite as sweet then sprinkle with some rice vinegar or decrease the amount of sugar.  I think a great addition would be to add in some red pepper flakes to liven up the dish a bit.  I think the Sriracha sauce is a definite must have when serving this dish just because it tastes AMAZING with it!  I would like to experiment on cutting down the amount of oil used in this recipe to make it a bit healthier.  I think this could be done by sautéing some of the veggies together or by using veggie broth or water for sautéing instead of the oil.  This dish is DELICIOUS and a MUST try! 


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