My poor husband came home early from work yesterday because he was really sick.  My husband hardly ever gets sick and when he does he never misses
work or comes home early!  I took one look at him when he walked in
through the door and I knew this had to be more than a cold!  He
looked so weak and pale (he looked and sounded terrible!).  He was
complaining of sinus congestion and pain, headache, sore throat, really bad body aches, chest congestion, chills, and an overall feeling of just not being well.  I was concerned that he may have the start of bronchitis because he was coughing up some nasty looking phlegm and he was running a fever so I called the doctor's office to see if they could fit him in.  Unfortunately, our doctor's office did not have any other openings for the day so we had to go to
urgent care. 

After about 3 hours in urgent care they concluded that it is just an upper respiratory infection caused by a virus.  They mentioned that a lot of people have been coming in with the same symptoms lately.  The doctor said that all he can do is push fluids, eat healthy foods, take ibuprofen or Tylenol to help with the fever, proper hand hygiene, and rest.  If after 3 days or so of doing this and he's not showing signs of improvement then we are to follow up with our regular physician.  I really loved how she stressed eating healthy foods!  Not to call out my husband but he isn't fully vegan and he has a tendency to grab some fast food for lunch if he doesn't have time to pack a lunch in the morning.  He grabbed some fast food for lunch that day and I scolded him lightly on how that's not what his body needs to get better!  So when the doctor mentioned how important it is to really eat healthy foods;
you're darn right I had a smirk on my face!

I think all of us ladies know how stubborn men can be sometimes!  So, I took the initiative this morning and I woke up early so that I could juice up some nutrient-packed power juice and pack a lunch for my hubby.  This is
what I juiced:

* Spinach- antioxidant rich with vitamins A & C; anti-inflammatory
* Parsley- antioxidant rich with vitamins A & C; anti-inflammatory
* Cilantro- antioxidant rich with vitamins A & C; anti-inflammatory
* Ginger- anti-inflammatory, boosts immune system, improves circulation
* Lemon- balances the body's PH, rich in vitamin C, helps to cleanse the body
* Beet- a high source for energy, rich in vitamins A, B & C, cleanses the body (especially the blood)
* Carrots- antioxidant, cleanses the blood, contains beta-carotene which converts to vitamin A 
* Cucumber- good source of B vitamins (gives you energy),
* Green Apple- antioxidant rich in vitamin C
* Orange- antioxidant rich in vitamin C
* Pineapple- anti-inflammatory & rich in vitamin C

I only listed the vitamins that I found helpful for his symptoms.  It's amazing how many vitamins, minerals, and benefits these fruits and veggies have!  So I sent my husband off to work today with a big 16 oz. juice and a banana for breakfast; along with a nutrient-dense lunch!  For his lunch I packed a handful of cherry tomatoes, leftover spaghetti from my
Quick Dinner Fix blog, and a big bowl of my lentil soup!  This should give his body the fighting power it needs!

To top that off, for dinner tonight I'll be making a kale salad that's packed full of nutrients and an Asian noodle soup that I was supposed to make last night but wasn't able to because it was pretty late when we got back home from urgent care (I'll be posting reviews on the kale salad and Asian noodle soup later on).  I'm hoping that all of this will also help me to not get sick as well!  I have surgery coming
up in less than 3 weeks and I can't have surgery if I'm sick!  So, I'm taking all of the same precautions that he is...I'm even debating on running to the store to pick up some Lysol to sanitize the heck out of this place!  I have a feeling that I'm going to be in a cleaning frenzy today...

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